Bella Foundation offers various programs that support equal opportunities for young brilliant indigents in Africa. We work to ensure that quality and relevant education and capacity-building programs are readily available to vibrant  African youths, equipping them for any career path of their choosing.

Catch Them Young:

Our Catch Them Young Program is open to young African indigents that seek career guidance and mentorship. The CTY program exposes brilliant young African indigents to various career opportunities (explaining the DOs and DONTs), connect them to mentors and companies for internships in a bid to help them achieve their career goals. This is done through our various seminars and workshops organized annually in various African institutions.

Bella Scholars Program:

The Bella Scholars Program is open to eligible young African indigents who are freshmen of various African tertiary institutions studying any course of their choice. Each year, one student is picked randomly from the list of enrollees and awarded a scholarship worth N1,500,000 annually till graduation if they maintain the required grades.

Student Business Club:

Bella Foundation through its partnerships has made provision for brilliant young African indigents (students) seeking to begin their entrepreneurship journey to be part of the largest body of student entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa at large. The Student Business Club is a supportive community that is keen on helping young people succeed in entrepreneurship.

SkillUp Initiative:

Our SkillUp Initiative is open to young African indigents (graduates and undergraduates) who seek to acquire a skill. Each year, eligible young African indigents are enrolled for skills training and equipped with adequate materials to enable them successfully acquire various skillsets.

Girls In Tech Program:

Our Girls In Tech Program is open to young female African indigents, training them in computer skills, programming, and other tech skills as well as connecting them to female mentors and tech companies for internships.

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