Our Foundation

We Are

A private foundation that seeks to provide opportunities for young brilliant indigents in Africa. We aim to achieve this through our variety of programs with our partners, internships, workshops, and mentorships.

We are guided by our mission and vision; seeking to create a world where we all have equal opportunities to learn and excel in life.

On a Journey

To inspire and empower brilliant indigents from across Africa; bringing boundless opportunities to indigents who have shown great level of brilliance. 

We Envision

A world where everyone has equal opportunities to learn and succeed in life.

Sometime in 2013

We realized that there are lots of talented and brilliant young Africans that have given up on their dreams due to lack of adequate funding and opportunities – costing the world huge losses in human capital. Owing to this, we have embarked on a journey to ensure every young African is given equal opportunities to succeed and actualize their dreams. 

Can we do it alone? Not quite. But it starts with one.

We are on a journey to groom the next generation of global changers across Africa. A chain reaction that transcends generations – one youth at a time.


We are all gifted in one way or the other, some are gifted to think and create imaginations faster than others. But beyond that is the need or access to opportunities to help us utilize our gifts – from having access to quality education to being in the right environment for growth, and so on. The Bella Foundation hopes to bridge this gap between brilliance and access to opportunities.

Bella Victor

Founder, Bella Foundation.